Web Backoffice

The Web back office is a private site for all ELBY USERS accessible by a Web Browser. You can use your Smartphone to access it as well as your personal computer. Web Backoffice is a responsive feature, and a new way to check your activity information via your Smartphone.

There is important information that is exclusively available in the Web Backoffice, as well as services that will only function in this media. We strongly recommend that you access Web Backoffice by using your Smartphone or your PC.

Web Back Office is the protocol that the ELBY APP uses to share all data & information. This simply means that when you share an activity, the link to open it will be shown in the Web Backoffice.

Username, password and User Identity are all exactly the same as those used in the ELBY APP. So if you are using Facebook® to log into the APP you will need to use that to log into in the Web Backoffice.

To access the ELBY Website, select WEB APP. In the SETTINGS select WEB APP or follow this link.



The login, users and password recovery systems are exactly the same as with the APP and will generate the same emails and messages. You will receive emails containing links to activate the accounts identically the way you activate and recover on the WEB APP.

Here are a few ways you can check basic functions of your ELBY BIKE using the BackOffice, and the most important ones pertain to the ACTIVITIES as there is quite a bit of additional information found there.

Main Menu
The Main Menu shows all the links to the active options. Updates to options will appear here, including promotions, online shop accessories, etc.

The elements of the Main Menu are:

  • · My Profile
    Enables you to modify basic profile options:
  • · Dashboard
  • · Routes and Tracks
  • · Calendar of events
  • · Auxiliary elements (Language and logout)


User Profile
The user profile contains information about you. This information is private and is used to calculate things like calorie consumption or to show your profile picture in your shared activities. To modify your personal data, tap on your picture or name on the TOP of the Main Menu.

The system will provide direction as to how to modify this data. You can change your picture if you are logged in using the ELBY BIKE user system. If you are using Facebook® the ELBY App will use your Facebook® picture profile and you will have to modify it in Facebook® to change your picture in the APP.

The following information can be edited in your profile:

  • · Profile Picture
  • · First Name
  • · Last Name
  • · Gender
  • · Birth Date
  • · Weight
  • · Height

This information is exactly the same that you have in your APP, and it is synchronized with the ELBY APP information. If you update your data it will also be archived in the APP.



The Dashboard is a unique panel with all the information of your activities in a resume. It will show the total data in measures of distance, time, calories, (all by default).

The dashboard also shows you a quick  overview of all main information about your interaction and connection between the WEB APP, the ELBY BIKE and the ELBY APP. This included information like the total Activity Summary, Friends, Devices Used, ELBY BIKE Location, Activities Completed and a Simple Scheduler.

  • · Activity Summary
    This function offers a quick and broad   overview of your activity in one period of time. The Activity Summary has two important elements, on the top you will see your figures (distance, etc.) and just below that there is a timeline representation of all the activities completed. The X is the time and the Y is the distance that you have ridden. Each column then shows you the activities per day. If you have done 2 activities in one day, the system will show you the number of activities and an account of all of the data for each activity. If you want to see a list of all the activities of one day or the details of one activity, hover then click over the activity in the timeline and it will move you to a list of corresponding details.In the timeline bar note a selector that enables you to modify your timeline limits by moving it with your cursor. You can also zoom in on the time and select just the activities of the last week, month, 3 or 6 months, year, etc..The graphic information is possible to be downloaded if you tap on the E bars link to the left of the timeline. We support (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG) formats.



· Actual view of Events Calendar
The calendar is a simple resource to see events that you have created or you have been invited to. The system will advise you as to when the event is and who has invited you.

· Elby Bike Status
This function enables you to see basic information of the last bike that you have connected to with the ELBY APP. You will find basic information including serial number of the ELBY BIKE, dates and general information regarding motor and battery features.ebm-app-intranet-3

· Total Activity Resume
All of your activities are linked with the ELBY Server and upon completion, will sync and SAVE with the server. The information is automatically moved to the cloud and enabling you to access later. In the Main Menu, press link “Routes and Tracks” and the system will show you a list of all the Routes that you have completed and you have saved in your ELBY APP.

The Dashboard separates the routes into 3 general groups:

  • · My Routes
    Represents the routes that you have completed with the ELBY APP under your username.
  • · Routes of my friends
    Represent the routes completed by your Facebook® friends and have shared with Facebook® Friends in the saving process.
  • · Public Routes
    Represent routes that another ELBY rider has completed and shared as PUBLIC.

You may import routes of other systems and see all the archived routes of those various groups.


The list of the routes and activities at a convenient glance contains the same information as the APP and can be viewed more comfortably on your tablet or PC. The main data includes:

  • · Degree of Difficulty
    Is established by the user upload Ex: Low, Medium and High.
  • · Route Name
    This is an unassigned category. The location is automatically calculated at the starting point. Close to the name a CLOCK or OK symbol appears close to the name. The Clock means process is pending to the Server, and OK means that the server has reviewed the altitude and track data.
  • · Date
    Date when the activity was executed.
  • · Total Time
    Total duration of ride within your activity.
  • · Total Distance
    Total distance of your ride within your activity.
  • · Author
    Name of the person who published the Activity.
  • · Route Type
    Information about the origin and destination (different or same locations).
  • · Terrain
    Type of terrain, in relation with the type of road (good condition, bad, etc.)
  • · Visibility
    ELBY Users that can see the activity information.
  • · Rate
    Your rating about this activity.

All the information and details about one Activity is possible to be modified by the Author using the WEB APP. See Activity Edition.

· Searching Activities
Access to the Main option routes and Tracks. Below the labels My Routes, etc. you will find a form you can use to search routes. Search by name or date as main parameters, but if you desire additional search filters, you can press the button [+] to add new ones.

The parameters that you can select are:

  • · Max Total time
  • · Max Distance
  • · Difficulty (defined by Author)
  • · Type of Terrain (defined by Author)
  • · Bike type (used by the Author)
  • · Route type (defined by Author)

Each time a parameter is edited or modified, the system reloads and re-calculates all results.



· Activity Detail
When you select one Activity, you are then able to view all details of that Activity. If you are the Author of the activity you will be able to read, edit, export and share the information.

The Web APP for the first time will show Activity separated into these groups:

  • · Altimetry
    Information about total Up and Downhill, Min and Max altitude and the point with the Max Slope with the speed and altitude at that point.
  • · Speed and Cadence
    Information about average, Max Speed (with position of that point) and cadence if available.
  • · Weather
    Temperature in the area the day of the Activity, Humidity, Wind, etc.
  • · Cardiology and Health
    Average of pulse, Max. beats per minute and calories that you have burned.


· Map and Charts
This is a very useful and interesting function on the WEB APP because the functionality is remarkably more advanced than in the ELBY APP, only because the resolution, clarity, size and functions of the Smartphone browsers are limited.

The Map and Charts function is separated into 2 general groups of information. The first one is the MAP with different view options and the second one is the representative of various activity data including Speed, Altitude, Hearth Rate, Pedal-Assistance Level and Battery Consumption.

  • · Map data
    The map data system includes 2 different options, one is for selecting the type of map view and the second to view the track activity information using colors.
  •      · System default  (Main roads with names).
  •      · Open Street Map (Similar version to default with extended POI information).
  •      · Open Cycle Map (special Cycling POIs added and recommended ways for bicycles).
  •       · Transport (Special information of Roads).
  •       · Landscape (special off-road information like elevations, forest).
  •       · Outdoors (special off-road information like elevations, forest).
  •       · Satellite (Pictures of the terrain).


Any of the maps can show the activity represented, and the functionality permits movement within the map as well as the ability to zoom in/zoom out. In the left bottom corner there is a secondary option that allows the user to select and consider various information on the route. The parameter will show the information selected to be represented on the route with colors that delineate different zones. ORANGE is used for low values and RED used for high values.

These filters are:

  • · Slope (Clustered)
    We generate different segments from min to max values and create dynamic zones in the routes, colored from minus to max.
  • · Slope (Uphill)
    Shows detailed information of the slope in each point.
  • · Altitude
    We generate different segments from min to max values and create dynamic zones in the routed colored from min. to max.
    · Speed
    Shows detailed information of the speed at each point.
  • · Heart Rate.
    Shows detailed information of the heart rate at each point.

Max and min value of each graphic are represented with two points (RED and BLUE).

When you place the pointer over the track on the map, the system will show all the data pertaining to the ELBY BIKE at that particular point.


· Graphics

Graphics show an XY diagram with the most vital data collected and can be reduced and enlarged as well as exported

The graphics may be exported to other systems in PDF, PNG, PDF or SVG form.

All graphics are synchronized, that means when you place the mouse pointer on a specific point, all of the graphics represent the same data detail at the same point. This feature ensures you will yield as accurate of  a riding analysis as possible. Additionally, the position on the map is also synchronized with the graphics.

The available graphics are:

  • · Altitude
    Shows minimum and maximum altitude. The detail also shows the slope of each point.
  • · Speed
    Shows the speed at each point.
  • · Heart Rate
    Shows the  heart rate at each point in BPM.
  • · Cadence
    Shows cadence at each point.
  • · ELBY Power
    Shows level of pedal-assistance and power consumption at each point of your ELBY Bike ride.


· Image Gallery
This function enables you to upload pictures to any activity if you are the author. The form is very simple and will allow you to upload pictures using a simple drag and drop method. Find the pictures, select them and move the pictures to the image gallery, then press the button START UPLOAD to update your activity with them.

Remember that you can always delete or update pictures from the gallery. Visibility of your pictures, depend on the privacy settings you have configured for each activity.


· Activity Edition

You can easily edit the information of one activity. Activity information is synchronized between the ELBY Server and your Smartphone. You simply create a short name for your activity and later you are able to edit using the Web Backoffice.

Select the Activity that you want to edit and press on the option TAB [edit]. Modify the fields with the appropriate values and press on the SAVE button. You can also DELETE activity completely by pressing the button [Delete].

To control who can see your profile and Activity in the option entitled VISIBILITY:

  • · Private: Only you and the people you  shared Activity with will be able to see your Activity. (Send a link by example)
  • · Friends Only your friends can see the Activity, but remember they can also share it.
  • · Public: Everybody can see and share all of your activity.



· Sharing Activities
You can share activities besides making them PUBLIC. You can create a private activity and later share it with other people via emailing the link, publishing to Twitter® or your Facebook® wall.

Sharing systems:

  • · Using internet browser on your Personal computer
    • · Facebook®
    • · Twitter®
    • · Permanent Link
  • · Using internet browser on your Smartphone
    • · SMS message
    • · Email
    • · Reminders
    • · WhatsApp
    • · Notes
    • · Facebook®
    • · Twitter®
    • · Permanent Link

Remember that when you share one activity you lose ultimate control of your content, because of the destination users can now share your link. You will be always able to edit and modify the visibility of your content.

For sharing your activity press the Menu TAB [Share] in your WEB Browser or the arrow icon in the top right corner if you are using your Smartphone.


Other option to share your activities is to EXPORT the file information to GPX or KML format. Most third-party APPs and software can accommodate this file format. In the TAB menu of the current activity when you are using your browser, select the EXPORT OPTION, then select the desired file format you want the system to send.

· Import Activity Process

You can Import activities that have been generated by other software or application. One of the advantages of importing a route, is that you then have the route available in your Smartphone. The ELBY APP corrects the altitude data via the IAS (Internet Altitude Service) to offer more accurate information. You can easily import this information using the browser in your personal computer. The file format supported is solely GPX.

To import a route, select the option ROUTES and TRACKS in the main menu. Then in the TAB menu on top, select the IMPORT option and then “Import from GPX”.

You will see a common dialog window when you access the ROUTE file to upload to the system. Press the IMPORT button, wait a few seconds and the file will upload.


· Calendar of Events

The calendar of events is a simple tool to organize an activity and share information with other members that you have invited. The events complement the Facebook® friend system and as well as the Activities system.

You can create an Event, Share it with various profiles (Friends, Public, Me), establish a timeline and associate pictures and routes to it.

When you access the events, you will see a normal calendar with a month view featuring the actual day and the events that you have published that are visible.


The options available for the Calendar are:

  • · Create one Event
    To create a new event press [Create event] button in the main screen of the Calendar. The system will show you a complete form with basic information to fill:
    · Date of the Event (Starts and Ends)
    · Name of the Event
    · Description
    · Location (Search in the MAP or use the search form that you will find in the bottom left area of the map)
    · Include one external link to complete information.
    · Identify the type of event (Meeting, Competition)
    · Select the appropriate profile to see the event.
    · Save the form to upload the information

It is possible to complete more information about the event, or complete it later. The extended information of the events are: associated routes, pictures and people to invite.

  • · Edit the basic information
    If you want to edit one Event that you have created before, select the event in the calendar and tap on the name of it. You will get a form with all the information and some tabs to expand the information.


Complete all the information of the event and tap on the SAVE button to upload all of the data.

  • · Associate a Route to the event
    One event can include one or more activities, so you can publish the activities and other users can also see all of the information in detail. To associate one activity to the event, the activity must be accessible by you, and set to public.
    Tap the tab option ROUTES on the top, search the route and tap the ASSOCIATE button.

Once the route is associated you will see in the top of the event edition page the selected routes. If you want to remove any of the routes, tap the REMOVE button and if you want to change the time for any of the associated routes, use the BLUE button with the pencil.



  • · Select participant profiles or people to invite

    When you create a route you are the organizer. This enables you to invite other people to the event selecting the PARTICIPANTS option in the TAB menu. The system will show you a list of your Facebook® friends. You will then have to select the people that you want to invite and use the option that you see on the right side: SUBSCRIBED or ADMINISTRATOR. The subscriber will see the event in the calendar and the administrator may then edit the activity and invite additional users.

    If you want to edit or remove any subscription or role in the eventtap on the right button that appears next to each user.



  • · Edit the Image gallery of the event

    In the same way that you can edit the gallery pictures of one activity, you may also edit the pictures that appear in one Event. It’s a simple form and it will allow you to upload pictures using a simple drag and drop method. Find the pictures, select them and move the pictures to the image gallery. You will then have to press the START UPLOAD button to update your activity with them.

    You can always delete or update any picture of the gallery. User visibility of your pictures will depend on the visibility configuration you have set for each activity.


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