User Registration & Login

Welcome to the ELBY APP manual. To install the APP, find ELBY in the Apple Store or in iTUNES on your iPhone. If you are using an Android compatible smartphone, ELBY can be found in the Google Play Market. To successfully complete this installation, you will need a reliable internet connection.

When you start the APP you will see the LOGIN user system that will direct you to:
· REGISTER as a new ELBY user
· LOGIN if you are  a ELBY registered user
· REGISTER using your Facebook® user data
· RECOVER your password


Register as new ELBY  user:
Enter the text “Register”. The APP will take to you to a form. Complete the form and select the option “Register”. The ELBY Server will generate and send you an email with a link. When you receive the ELBY email, click on the link and it will activate your account. The ELBY Server will confirm that the registration process has been completed. From this point forward, you will use your USERNAME and PASSWORD to login into the APP.

If you do not receive the email, it means there is a problem in ELBY APP Email Server or you have provided an incorrect email


Login if you are a ELBY registered user:
If you have an active ELBY account you will be able to access the APP. Enter your USER and PASSWORD and press the ORANGE LOGIN button. The APP will confirm your data with the ELBY Server and allow access to the APP.

Register using your Facebook® user data:
If you want to use your Facebook® user account you can do this by pressing on the blue icon “Log in with Facebook”. The APP will utilize different processes for iOS and Android.

  • · With iPhone version, the APP will ask to you in a special window for your Facebook® user and password.
  •  · With Android you must install the Facebook® APP and login on your smartphone, after that when you start the ELBY APP it will log in automatically.


Recover your password if you have lost:
If you are using a ELBY USER LOGIN, you can easily recover your user password. In the user login screen of the ELBY APP, just press on the link “Forgot Password”. You will see a form called “LOST PASSWORD FORM”, enter your email account and you will receive your last active password.

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