Search Engine & Downloaded Activities

The Main Menu includes one access to the Search Engine that utilizes all of the parameters that the ACTIVITY RESUME function requests of you when your ride is complete. This data is used to create a complete database for the rest of the users. This information is accessible by the Smartphone or using the Internet Back Office.

The search engine uses the native controls of the Smartphone, therefore it searches, checks and retrieves information from the server very quickly. If you maintain your parameters accurately and regularly, you will find the search engine function very helpful.

To use the Search Engine you will have to apply each filter and to establish the desired filter comparison. The comparison and value are dynamic and depends on the type of parameter that you are managing.


To introduce your values for the SEARCH. Press the LENS button to start the search.

You can always go back and access the ACTIVITY list. When you go back to the last configuration, the parameters are archived and you can then use them as is or further modify them.

You will need an internet connection to download activity from the ELBY server. When you have internet connectivity, activity will be immediately available on your Smartphone accessible to check off-line.

The activities that you have downloaded are archived and accessible in the Main Menu section “Downloaded Activities”. You will see all of them with the Smartphone icon that says the activity is downloaded in the smartphone. You will be able to see off-line all details of it and also it is possible to DELETE, the activity of your Smartphone. When you do this the activity is DELETED only in the Smartphone and the user can download again later.

In order to DELETE any activity that you have downloaded, move your finger on the list of Downloaded Activities from right to left over the activity that you want to remove. The system will show you a button on the right part to delete. Press on the button and the activity will then be deleted.


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