RC3 Remote Control

The RC3 remote control of the ELBY BIKE can control some APP functions while simultaneously controlling some of the functions of the ELBY BIKE. Some of the RC3 buttons have specific functions in the ELBY APP and others control ELBY BIKE, including switching the lights, power on/off and to increase/decrease pedal assist levels. Things to note regarding the RC3 remote control in relation to the APP:

· Pairing
This special button combination allows you to delete the last smartphone paired with the ELBY BIKE and search a new smartphone. Simultaneously pressing MINUS and LIGHT buttons on the RC3 Remote Control will delete the last smartphone sync.

· Close the Main option Menu
To close the Main Option Menu, simply press the GREY SIDE button of the RC3 Remote Controller. This will indicate that the APP has started. When you begin pedaling you will then see activity on the APP MONITOR.

· Change Actual Screen
Different screens are available for things such as speed indication , MAP Navigation, MAP with destination information in relation to distance and time with remaining battery power. To toggle between screens, press the GREY SIDE button of the RC3 Remote Controller. It is also possible to change the active screen in the monitor by pressing on the Auxiliary Area of the APP with your finger.

· Voice Situation Report
Each screen within the MONITOR can show different information. If you have your smartphone in your pocket and a headset with Bluetooth® connected to your smartphone, you will be able to listen to information about SPEED, BATTERY, TIMES, ALTITUDE, , NAVIGATION, ETC. The APP will process the commands and will repeat to you by voice using TTS (Text to Speech) engines. Normal commands will be:
· Speed is: AA (km/h or mph)
· Battery is BB (%)
· Altitude is CC (meters or feet)
· Heart Rate DD (bpm)
· Etc.


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