Range Monitor

The Reach screen is a unique MAP view that represents one rounded area, outlined in BLUE with options for various route suggestions based on battery consumption, course and distance you are able to ride. This area is dynamic and will change automatically.

Accessing complete, accurate information from the Reach Monitor requires some calculation:

The ELBY BIKE can take you pretty far, but how far you ask!? It depends on several variables, including terrain, road conditions, the amount of energy you contribute, the pedal-assist level you select, your weight, etc. The APP has a tool that minimizes the mystery in determining how far you can go. It is calculated by providing an estimation based on remaining and total battery capacity, and the average battery power you consume while riding.

To activate your ability to calculate how far your ELBY will be able take you, the bike must be in motion. When when you initiate the Reach Monitor, ZERO will appear as estimated value. The instant you begin riding ELBY BIKE will begin to calculate how far you will be able to ride and for how long.

As your activity advances the Reach data will become increasingly more accurate and the REACH BAR will become visible. This bar represents approximately travel distance and time remaining, based on your average battery consumption.


There is a ORANGE point on the bar that represents your situation in the total distance of your activity, taking in mind the distance that you have done and the distance that we think that you can do with the remain battery that you have. The Range BAR will take in consideration the consumes during your activity, so depending of your actual assistance level or if you are using the regenerative mode the range will change dynamically.

With a quick view you will know exactly where you are and approximately when you will arrive!

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