Navigation System

The ELBY APP includes a complete off-line automotive navigation system which means you don’t need an internet connection to use the Navigation function. The navigation system will enable you to select the origin, destination and will create the best route for you to take in consideration of your preferences, road type etc. Is it not necessary for you to be connected to the ELBY BIKE to create a route with the navigation, but you will need to start the bike.

In the main menu, select NAVIGATION. The system will provide choices; the ORIGIN and the DESTINATION. One destination in the ELBY APP can be:

  • · Current Position (if you have GPS signal, will calculate automatically)
  • · Search Address (you will have to input)
  • · Select from MAP (One Position on the MAP)

The use of the ORIGIN or DESTINATION search screens are similar, ORIGIN is explained here for your reference. Select the ORIGIN if you want to modify the origin of the route. If the origin is not frequently changed, it is not necessary to edit your position of ORIGIN, but you may want to calculate a route for later.

Once your position is calculated it will appears on the ROUTE. If you want to search by address you will have to enter the address in one line. Enter the address in this order, ex: , City, Country and finally the suggested selection provided on the list. This format can changes depending of your country as USA or Germany by example, but it doesn’t work because the APP will recognize the address automatically like by example Google Maps does it.

Finally press in the options [Calculate] to see the Navigation Details.

The ELBY APP will start to calculate the best route, with the understanding that you are riding a bicycle (e-bike) vs. an automobile and it will show you all details of the best route. The Navigation Detail screen will show this data:

  • · Origin and Destination address (even if you have selected from the Map).
  • · Distance of the route, with the actual guiding parameters.
  • · Duration of the trip, from the origin to destination in normal conditions.
  • · Autonomy, will show you if you have enough battery to arrive (but you need to be connected to the ELBY BIKE).
  • · Battery Consumption, showing the watts consumed under normal conditions by the ELBY BIKE to get you there.
  • · Emissions, # Grams of CO2 you are saving by not use your car.
  • · Savings, how much money you are saving in gasoline.


You can select three different types of routes:

  • · Least Traffic
  • · Shortest distance from origin to destination
  • · Fastest possible time from origin to destination

By default, the system always recommends the least traffic-congested route. Select your preference and select the top, right icon PLAY to start the route.

The APP will move you to the MONITOR and map NAVIGATION screen, and once you begin riding, it will initiate the navigation and directional functions.

Simulate a Navigation Guiding:
It’s easy to access and practice the functionality of the NAVIGATION system! Go to the SETTINGS and select in the MAPS & NAVIGATION SETTINGS, Simulate Navigation = ON. When you select PLAY icon  this will create your route, the APP will then simulate your ride with all the route directives.

Show Compass
You may reveal or conceal the compass in the map and like any compass, it will always show a North position for reference. By default, the APP will show you the compass, if you prefer to conceal it, go to SETTINGS and disable the option “Show Compass”.

Metric bar
In all map screens you will see in the top left a metric bar that will represent the map scale. When in the zoom view, zoom the map in or out for a few seconds, the metric bar will indicate the distance between the two points to determine the dimensions of the map and estimated distances.

Stop the Navigation route
If you want to stop your current navigation route, just select the Main Menu and select the STOP NAVIGATION option. The current navigation route will stop immediately.

Automatic Route Recalculations
If an error occurs during your pre-set navigation route, or if you change the route/take a different route than originally recommended by the navigation, it will automatically re-calculate the route from your actual position to the selected destination taking into consideration the original, recommended route.

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