Last Position info

Last position info  is a helpful feature in referencing and assessing bike use history at a glance! For instance, if you are stationery and cannot recall the current battery level,  (Ex. 25% or 45%?) and whether your ELBY BIKE requires charging for tomorrow’s activities,  no worries here, simply access the Last Position Info in the main menu.

This screen will reveal two main groups of ELBY BIKE data, both when you switch the bike off and when you disconnect the ELBY BIKE from your phone. The screen shows you the last known position on the MAP and “at a glance” information and history of the last ride including:

  • · Start of the last ride
  • · End of last ride
  • · Connection time
  • · Distance ridden
  • · Battery consumed
  • · Battery remaining
  • · ELBY BIKE status


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