Elby Monitor

The ELBY MONITOR is the part of the APP that the user will customarily see during the riding if he/she  is using the Smartphone as a display or monitor. It will show all the messages, information and alerts during your riding. In the picture below you will see the sections of the Main Monitor Screen. Basically there are 4 areas:




· Monitor Alerts:
The Monitor Alert Area is where various alerts sent from the APP to the user will appear. The alerts will appear independent of the customary monitor screen information (Navigation, Speed, Range, etc.) Monitor Alerts are divided into 3 distinct groups:

  • · Navigation Alerts
    Navigation directives once the user opens a navigation route. Ex: “Turn right at meters”. The alert will be shown on a black background with the last directive provided.



  • · System Alerts
    These alerts are automatically generated by the system and the user will able to customize if he/she wants to see them. Normally these alerts pertain to the Bluetooth® pairing process, system and operational errors detected on the ELBY BIKE.



  • · Customizable Alerts
    This group is used to advise of various conditions or activities. Ex: Poor weather conditions, insufficient battery power to return to the place of origin, heart rate, etc.



To modify all customizable alerts you will have to go to SETTINGS and select the alert to be customized in the BEHAVIOR section to CONFIGURE the ALERTS. You will see a complete list of all configurable alerts.


When you activate one alert, it will show you a parameter to modify such as time, distance, etc. Ex.  how many kilometers between Distance Alert and the next one.

  • · Maximum Pulse alert:
    The system will alert you if your heart rate exceeds your preset limit.
  • · Water Scheduler alert
    The system will alert and encourage water consumption based on preset intervals. Ex: 20, 40, 60 minutes, etc.
  • · Food Scheduler alert
    The system will alert and encourage food consumption based on preset intervals. Ex: 20, 40, 60 minutes, etc.
  • · Motor Torque alert:
    The system will use this value to calculate the amount of torque on the monitor.
  • · Ride Distance alert
    The system will show one alert when you ride the distance in miles or kilometers that you’ve selected. (Ex. 5 km means gets an alert at: 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, etc.
  • · Point of no-return alert
    The system will show an alert when the battery is at 55% of the charge you began your ride with.


Monitor Main Content:
This area of the ELBY APP will show you the general information on the main, active screen. You can change the active screen using the GREY BUTTON of the RC3 controller. There are 3 different types of screens for the Main Monitor Area:

  • · Speed Information:
    This monitor is used to show information about Actual Speed, Actual Torque, & Battery Level as a graphic bar and in percentage. When the ELBY BIKE is paired, you will note that the TORQUE BAR under the speed appears in RED and at the same time the Battery Level will appear in ORANGE. The TORQUE BAR will increase from the middle to the right to show positive torque. BATTERY BAR will show in ORANGE the remaining capacity ORANGE and in red the capacity spent.elby-app-vertical-speed
  • · Navigation Information
    The navigation screen will show to you your position on the MAP. You will be able to ZOOM in on the map and the APP will remember your position. If you have NAVIGATION open and in process, your recommended course will be represented in BLUE, your POSITION will be represented in the middle and the next course maneuver will appear at the top of the screen as an ALERT. The view in the navigation mode appears in 3D. If you do not have a current course, the view will appear in 2D and your position will appear in the MIDDLE. The MAP will automatically move and orient to the navigated course.


  • · Range Information
    The RANGE BAR is one special MAP view that will be appear in one area outlined with a blue line representing the estimated destination that you will be able to reach based on average battery usage from the start of activity, the course and the distance that you ride. This area is dynamic and will change automatically. At the same time, you will see the BAR. This bar shows distance, the amount of time you have ridden, and how much you are able to ride with your average battery use as it relates to your current battery capacity.



Bike Permanent Information:
This area of the APP is a line that runs from the bottom to the top, showing your actual pedal/motor-assist level and will also indicate if you have the lights switched on or off. The pedal/motor-assist level can be positive or regenerative and the monitor will always inform you of this.

  • · If you are moving in POSITIVE ASSISTANCE LEVELS, the current pedal/motor-assist level will be shown in ORANGE with a number that will appear in WHITE.
  • · If you are moving in REGENERATIVE LEVELS, the current pedal/motor-assist level will be shown in a WHITE circle with the negative numbers in ORANGE.

·         Please note that the TORQUE BAR is represented on the left.

In the middle, you will also see an icon representing the ON/OFF position of the lights. If the icon is ORANGE, lights are switched on, if the icon is GREY, the lights are switched off.

Auxiliary Information:
This information appears on the right part of the APP and relates to these topics:

  • · Time and distance:
    The APP will show you the actual time and distance of the current activity at the start of your ride.
  • · Altitude Data
    This will show you the estimated actual slope, the maximum altitude and the incline/decline during your ride.
  • · Heart Rate Data
    This will show your current heart rate, the average and the preset maximum values. You will need a compatible Heart Rate Monitor (Bluetooth® BLE).
  • · Music Data
    Music data will be represented by a thumbnail picture of the actual song that is playing in the background on your smartphone as well as the name of the artist and the title of the song.

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