Elby Bike Pairing

The ELBY BIKE pairing process is required to initialize the APP the first time. To complete this process you will need the following:
· One ELBY BIKE compatible with the APP
· A reliable internet connection
· Your smartphone with the APP already installed

(If you do not have a FREE license, you will need to purchase one during the process in iTunes.)


To facilitate pairing & installation, follow these steps:

1. Install the APP on your smartphone and complete the Registration or Login process.

     a) If this is the first time that you open your APP you must wait for the activation process (We will check for the license). Your ELBY BIKE includes 3 licenses; please go to Step 2 to start the pairing and the license checking process.

     b) If the APP is already activated you will see in the screen this message “pairing with ELBY bike”.

2. Switch on the POWER button of the ELBY BIKE RC3 (Remote Control)

     a) When the APP detects an unpaired ELBY BIKE, it will then pair and you will note that the “pairing with ELBY bike” message will then disappear.

     b) If the ELBY BIKE is not paired, perhaps the bike is paired with another Smartphone. In this case simultaneously press the MINUS and LIGHT buttons of the RC3 Remote Control to delete last smartphone process.

When the ELBY BIKE is paired you will see a ORANGE ALERT in the top of the screen with the message “bike pairing – pairing with the bike done”. From that moment your ELBY BIKE and your Smartphone will be paired and it will not be necessary to pair again. The ELBY BIKE will be paired with your last paired smartphone and will not be visible for other Smartphones.

Each time that you switch-off your ELBY BIKE, you will receive in the APP a top screen alert with the message: “bike pairing – connection with the bike lost”.


Automatic Starting Process of the ELBY APP
iOS has some restrictions in relation to automatic wake up of APPs, so the APP will not appear automatically when you are close to your ELBY BIKE.iphone6-elby-bike-pairing_confirmation

In light of that restriction, we have an easy solution. First, be sure that your ELBY BIKE APP is activated and running; either running in background or on your smartphone with the screen switched off. When you switch on your e-bike you will receive a notification in your smartphone with the message “ELBY – Pairing with the bike done” Open the application to record the ride”. If you press in the ELBY notification the ELBY APP will be opened automatically. If you switch off the e-bike you will receive a similar message to remember saving your activity.


There is a similar process if your APP is running in the Background and you start your activity. The ELBY APP will log information about the activity and will save temporary in the smartphone. When you switch-off your ELBY BIKE, you will receive another notification to inform that your activity has ended and you will have the possibility to delete the data or to save it in the cloud.

At the same time, your last GPS position, times, status of the e-bike and power consumption will be archived to be recovered later in the Main Menu Option “Last Position Info”.

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